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RingCentral University

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SummaryProduct Questions? Get answers through RingCentral University

RingCentral University was created in an effort to provide RingCentral customers answers to any product questions they may have on the RingCentral Phone System. The topics are logically arranged to address issues that both the system administrators and their users face while setting up their system.

RingCentral University

To go to the RingCentral University type this URL on your web browser or click on the link:
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Users: Getting Started

This section is designed to help RingCentral Users learn about the basics about their phone system. This includes the following topics:
• How to login
• How to setup call forwarding
• How to setup voicemail
• How to setup notifications
• How to personalize greeting and hold music
• How to use the softphone and mobile app
• How to use Glip

Sections for System Administrators

Administrator: Getting Started

This section is intended as a comprehensive tutorial for system administrators who want to maximize the power of the RingCentral Cloud phone system. Topics incude:
• Setting up your company settings
• Setting up company call handling
• Setting up customized call handling for holidays
• Adding users and extensions
• Adding phone numbers and physical phones for specific users
• How to create call queues
• How to transfer your existing phone number to RingCentral
• How to improve call quality
• How to configure your router for best Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS: Optimize your RingCentral call quality

This section provides technical specifications to system administrators in order for them to setup their internet connection efficiently, which includes best practices for both hardware and software setup. 

Mobile, Desktop and Faxing

These sections cover best practices for the use of the RingCentral for Mobile (iOS and Android), and the RingCentral for Desktop (Mac and Windows). This includes how to do tasks such as send SMS messages, make outbound calls, how to record, park, or transfer calls, and how to view messages and received faxes.

The Faxing section covers topics about how troubleshoot fax issues, sending fax using your online account, the RingCentral for Desktop or Mobile, and sending fax through email and traditional analog fax machines, all using the RingCentral Fax service.

RingCentral University

RingCentral University offers live webinar training sessions that are open to all RingCentral users, both administrators and users, who want to learn more about how to maximize the use and benefits of their cloud-based phone system, and to receive advanced training and certifications. These webinar training sessions are updated each month. 
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To register for a webinar, go to https://go.ringcentral.com/customer-success-webinars.html and sign-up. If you are unable to attend the webinar, recordings of the training will be available. Recordings of previous webinars are located near the bottom of the page.
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