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SummaryRingCentral's Email-to-Fax feature allows you to send fax messages using your email account. You can create and customize your own fax cover page.


Sending Faxes via Email

How to include a cover page

NOTE: The Fax Cover Page details and design will depend on what is set on your extension's Outbound Fax Settings. You can also configure your Outbound Fax Settings to remove the cover page when the email subject is blank. For more information, go to Admin: Configure Outbound Fax Settings.

There are 2 ways of including a cover page on your fax.

Typing a note in the Subject field

You can type a note in the Subject field of the email.

If you want to include a note and send a Fax Cover Page, type it in the Subject field of the email.

Using a customized fax cover page

You may use a custom fax cover page. You can create your own PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx files) cover page, or you can download a template, then customize it.

To download a sample cover page template, see Setting Up your Fax Cover Page on the RingCentral Phone. Follow the steps until Step 2 on the Creating a Custom Cover Page via the RingCentral Phone section.

You can then attach the customized cover page to your fax message.

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