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RingCentral Rooms Weekly System Restart

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SummaryHow do I enable Weekly System Restart on my RingCentral Rooms Devices?
RingCentral Rooms Weekly system restart is a feature that allows you to automatically restart your computer weekly (every Saturday). This is to ensure your system is always in-sync and up to date.


• RingCentral Rooms 4.4.9 version and higher 
• Auto login (kiosk mode) is enabled

Enable Weekly System Restart

Step 1:

Step 2:

Go to Tools > Meetings.

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Step 3:

Go to RingCentral Rooms then click the General Settings tab. 

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Step 4:

Under Advanced Settings, tick the box beside Weekly System Restart to enable the feature. Un-tick the box to disable the Weekly System Restart feature.
Your System will now restart every week between the hours of 2:00-4:00am [Based on Mac mini local time]

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NOTE: Weekly system restart will only proceed when there is no meeting currently in progress in that room.
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