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RingCentral Rooms - Weekly System Restart

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SummaryThis article provides steps in setting up your RingCentral Rooms computer and controller to restart once a week (every Saturday). This is to ensure your system is always in-sync and up to date.

RingCentral Rooms - Weekly System Restart



• RingCentral Rooms 4.4.9 version and higher 
• Auto login (kiosk mode) is enabled
• You must be part of the Super Admin or Phone System Admin User Group to configure this setting.

2. Go to Tools > Meetings.

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3. Click Meetings Settings

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4. Under the Meeting tab, scroll down and look for RingCentral Rooms

5. Under the RingCentral Rooms section, toggle the switch to enable Weekly system restart

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6. Click Turn On

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NOTE: Your system will now restart once every week (every Saturday) between the hours of 2am-4am local time. Weekly system restart will only proceed when there is no meeting in progress.

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