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RingCentral Rooms Proximity Sharing

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SummaryHow do I enable RingCentral Rooms Proximity Sharing?
Participants in RingCentral Rooms can use one-click direct screen sharing from RingCentral Meetings for Desktop. Proximity sharing enables the iPad controller to generate an ultrasonic signal that can be detected by the RingCentral Meetings for Desktop and  automatically connect to the RingCentral Rooms iPad Controller when a participant clicks Share Screen.


  RingCentral Rooms version 5.1  
•  RingCentral Rooms iPad Controller version 5.1  
  RingCentral Meetings for Desktop 5.1  
  Enable Proximity Sharing on your RingCentral Online Account

Enable Proximity Sharing on your RingCentral Online Account

Step 1:

Step 2:

Go to Tools Meetings.

User-added image

Step 3:

Go to RingCentral Rooms > General Settings

rc rooms general settings

Step 4:

Scroll down to Advance settings and tick the checkbox beside Automatic direct sharing using ultrasonic proximity signal to enable the feature.

rc rooms general settings adv
You can now instantly share screen from a desktop when proximity signal is detected. Click the Share screen button on the RingCentral Meetings for Desktop.
rc meetings 5.1 share screen.png

If proximity sharing failed, just enter the Meeting ID or the Sharing Key and click Share on the Share Screen window
rc meetings 5.1 share sharing key.png

 If you enter the Sharing Key, your desktop will be displayed on the RingCentral Rooms TV.
 If you enter the Meeting ID, the sharing screen opens, where you can choose a window or application to share. The shared window or application will be displayed when they click Share.

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