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RingCentral Phone iOS 10.2 - Sees own RingCentral number when placing outgoing call

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SummaryWhy do I see my RingCentral number when placing an outgoing call?
RingCentral Mobile App Users are seeing their own RingCentral number when placing an outgoing call on their iOS device instead of seeing the destination number.

This happens on the following conditions:
• User has the RingCentral Mobile App on iOS 10.2 or later.
• When making a call, direct-RingOut is used based current network conditions and User’s settings:
  1. User chooses Use VoIP only on Wi-Fi under Call Settings, but Wi-Fi is not connected when placing the call.
Use VoIP only on Wi-Fi
  1. User chooses Always Use Cellular Voice (RingOut) under Call Settings.
Always Use Cellular Voice (RingOut)
Place an outgoing call on your RingCentral Mobile App using your iOS device (10.2 or later).

place outgoing call

A prompt showing the User's RingCentral number will be displayed.

ringcentral number prompt


Tap Call and the call will be successfully placed to the destination number.

RingCentral Number displays

successful call

Before 10.2 update on iOS, Users will see their destination number when making a call. After 10.2, a confirmation dialog will appear when any app is trying to place a call via iPhone dialer, which cannot be dismissed by 3rd party apps.
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