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RingCentral Meetings for Chrome OS

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SummaryRingCentral Meetings for Chrome OS expands the power of HD video collaboration on Chrome OS devices. Meet with with HD video and share your screen, important business documents or website with anyone, anywhere and at anytime. RingCentral Meetings for Chrome OS is an addition to RingCentral Office for G Suite integrations.

RingCentral Meetings for Chrome OS


• Available for RingCentral Office customers using Chrome OS devices.
• Free for Meetings Participants, all they need is a meeting link.


• HD Video: Meet with the highest quality video on Chrome OS-powered devices.

• Screen Share: Share your screen and files with anyone, anytime. 

• Dial-In Conference Numbers for Audio: Join the meeting using a telephone dial-in number.

• VOIP Audio: Use your computer audio to collaborate.

• Host Controls: Hosts can invite, mute/un-mute meeting Participants, lock the meeting, and remove Participants.

• Integrated Chat: Anyone (both Hosts and Participants) can initiate chat with specific users or the entire group during meetings.

Installing RingCentral Meeings on your Chrome OS Device
Joining a Meeting on Chrome OS
Hosting a Meeting on Chrome OS

Installing RingCentral Meeings on your Chrome OS Device

1. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store.

Alternatively, click this link: RingCentral Meetings for Chrome OS.

2. Search for RingCentral Meetings, and then click RingCentral Meetings under Apps .

User-added image

3. Click Add to Chrome, then click Add app.

rc meetings for chrome add to chrome

4. Once the installation is done, click Launch App.

rc meetings for chrome launch app

Joining a Meeting on Chrome OS

To join a meeting, you could either:

• Click the link from the invitation.

This will automatically connect you to the meeting.

• Launch the RingCentral Meetings app.

1. Enter the Meeting ID, and your Screen Name.

2. Click Join.

rc meetings for chrome join

NOTE: Selecting Don't connect to audio and Turn off my video are optional.

Hosting a Meeting on Chrome OS

1. Launch the RingCentral Meetings app.

2. Click Start a Meeting, then click either Start with Video or Start without Video.

rc meetings for chrome start

NOTE: When it is your first time using the app on Chrome OS devices, you will be asked to sign in to your RingCentral account.

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