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RingCentral Phones - Emergency Survivability Failover Configuration

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SummaryHow do I configure my RingCentral Phone Service for emergency survivability?
In the event of a loss of connectivity between a local site and the RingCentral cloud service, Users lose access to voice services which is a major concern especially for 911 access during emergencies. RingCentral recommends that customers develop a local emergency survivability plan. For more information on Emergency Survivability Failover Configuration, click the links:


• Wide Area Network (WAN) outages at a site.
• ISP connection problems impacting connectivity to RingCentral services.
• A RingCentral ‘Direct Connect’ outage between edge servers.
more information here: Emergency Survivability Failover Configuration


• AudioCodes Emergency Survivability feature deployed with Polycom VVX phones.
• AudioCodes Analog Gateway(s) with FXO ports (AudioCodes Mediapack 114 and Mediapack 118 are supported).

NOTE: Consult with AudioCodes for details on how to properly install the gateways. RingCentral does not support deployment, configuration, monitoring or troubleshooting of the AudioCodes Gateways. Customers are fully responsible for procuring, deploying, and configuring the Analog PSTN line and AudioCodes Gateways.

• Analog PSTN line from a local telecommunications carrier.
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