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User: Configure Email allowed to send Faxes

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SummaryHow do I add my personal email address on the permitted email addresses list?
RingCentral's Email-to-Fax feature allows Users to send a fax message using their email accounts. To make this feature work, the email address must be added to the User's Trusted Email Addresses list.

When a User sends a fax via email, RingCentral checks the email address of the sender and only sends the fax if it is on the approved list. In order to use this feature, Users must add email addresses to the Trusted Email Addresses List. It is possible to have up to 25 approved email addresses.

This article will guide Users in allowing their email address utilize the Email-to-Fax feature.

NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps below, make sure that you are currently logged in to your RingCentral Online account. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know more.

Step 1:

Click Settings and select Outbound Calls/Faxes.

Email allowed to send Faxes - Outbound Call/Faxes

Step 2:

Select Fax Settings. Enter the email address you want to allow to send faxes under Email Addresses permitted to send faxes, and then click Add.

enter email allowed to send faxes

NOTE: To delete an email address, click Delete opposite to the email address you want to delete.

Delete email

Step 3:

Click Save.

save updates
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