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User: Configure Fax Cover Page

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SummaryHow do I set up the fax cover page on the RingCentral Online Account as a User?
The Cover Page is used to identify who the fax is from and who the intended recipient of the fax is. It does not have to be used if not needed. Users can modify the Fax Settings, and select the default Fax Cover Page Template. This article demonstrates how the following can be done.

NOTE: Before proceeding to the steps below, make sure that you are currently logged in to your RingCentral Online account. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know more.

Step 1:

Click Settings and select Outbound Calls/Faxes.

Configure Fax Cover Page - outbound calls/Fax

Step 2:

Select Fax Settings. You can now view and edit the Fax Settings and sender's Fax Cover Page information.

Fax settings

Fax cover page

Cover Page Info - The following information will appear (auto-populated on the Cover Page) as the Sender's Information on the Cover Page when a fax is sent via the RingCentral Online Account, Email, RingCentral Mobile app or RingCentral Desktop app.

• Company
• Address
• City
• State/Province
• Zip Code
• Country

Fax Number - The Fax Number selected from the drop-down list will serve as your Fax Number (Outgoing Caller ID for sent faxes) when sending via the RingCentral Online Account and Email.

Cover Page - The default Cover Page template will be used when you send a fax message via Email. A preview is shown when you select from a list of available templates.

Faxes Sent via Email - This section will let you add Email Address permitted to Send Faxes.

It also lets you enable or disable the option to Omit cover page when email subject is blank. 

• If this option is turned on (enabled), when you send a fax via email with a subject line the cover page will be used.
• If you send it without a subject line a cover page will not be used.
• If this option is disabled, a cover page is included each time you send a fax.

Step 3:

Click Save.

save update
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