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SummaryYou can configure your Voicemail settings in the Messages and Notification section of your online account. In this section, you can customize your Voicemail greeting for User and/or After hours, and notification settings.
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Configure your Voicemail Settings

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Go to Settings > Messages & Notifications.

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3. Under User Hours, make sure Take Messages is enabled.

4. Click Edit under Voicemail Greeting to select a Default or Custom greeting.
Under Custom, you can record using your Phone, Computer Microphone or by Importing a recorded file. Click Done to save your custom greeting. 

If Take Messages is disabled, you will not be able to receive voicemail messages. However, you will be able to see two options on How To Handle Missed Calls:

i. Play greeting and disconnect - If selected, you can click Edit under Unavailable Greeting to select a Default or Custom greeting.

ii. Connect directly to Group - If selected, click Select Group under Group and select a Group to handle your missed calls and click . If there are no available Groups, contact your Account Administrator to set up one.

5. Set a Message recipient. For the specific steps, see Set another User to receive your Voicemail Messages.

6. Click Save.
QUICK TIP: If you have set custom hours for your business or company, you can also can configure your Voicemail Settings for your After Hours. Click the After Hours tab and repeat steps above. Take Messages is also enabled by default. If you wish to disable Take Messages, you will not be able to receive Voicemail messages. You will only have the option to set the Unavailable Greeting to Default or Custom. You can customize your user hours under Settings > User Details > Settings & Permissions > User Hours. See Configure User and After hours for detailed steps.

Once you have configured your Voicemail Settings, you can also configure your Messages and Notifications
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