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SummaryHow do I configure my Blocked Calls settings?
On your Blocked Calls Settings, you may configure which calls can connect to your number. You may select to block all calls and only allow specific numbers or allow calls and block only specific numbers.

Step 1:

Go to Settings > Screening, Greetings, & Hold Music.

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Step 2:

Go to Blocked Calls:

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Block Option

Specific Calls and Faxes
Select this option if you want to prevent certain numbers from calling you.

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Block Callers with no caller ID
You may select to allow callers with no caller ID or block calls and faxes, or faxes only.

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All Calls
Use block all calls if you only want to allow calls from a few specific area codes or numbers. If you block all calls, you can specify the exceptions of which calls you wish to allow below.

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Callers will hear
Configure what blocked callers will hear. 

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This option allows you to select your own language to display the default greeting text. Your selection here affects only your current view of the greeting text, it will not change the Greetings Language setting.

Block Calls from pay phones
Enable to block calls from pay phones. You may also configure what blocked pay phone callers will hear.

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