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SummaryHow do I purchase additional calling credits on the RingCentral Online account?
The Billing section of the RingCentral Online account leads to menus for managing the account's Service Plan, Payment Method, International Calling, Meetings (including licenses), Device Orders, and Cost Center Management

IMPORTANT: Only Super Admins, Billing Admins, and Users with Billing Admin access can view and make changes to this section. See User Roles and Permissions for more information.

The Administrator should log in to your RingCentral Online account and go to the Billing section on the Admin Portal.

The Administrator should log in to the RingCentral Online account and go to the Billing section on the Admin Portal.

Purchased Calling Credits are used when placing International calls. The Auto-Purchase feature ensures you will never run out of calling credits. The selected package will be automatically purchased when you are running low on calling credits, which prevents any potential interruption of service. Purchased funds will roll over month-to-month for up to 12 months.

NOTE: Plan minutes are approximate values based on your available Calling Credits, and are calculated based on the domestic rate of 4¢ for your account. If you make international calls, the included plan minutes will vary depending on the applicable international rate.

To set up the auto-purchased amount, follow the steps below: 

Step 1:

On Service Plan, click Auto-Purchase.

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Step 2:

By default, your account is set to automatically set to purchase $20.00 when it runs out of Calling Credits.
Select $100.00 if you prefer this package instead.

Click Save

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