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SummaryThe article focuses on customizing the User Details via the RingCentral Online account.

When you log in as the Administrator, you will have the Admin Portal view, where you can click the Users tab. 
Account Administrators can modify a User's information, password, voicemail greeting, User hours, time zone, time and regional format, and language settings in the User Details section on the RingCentral Online account.

User Setting - Account Administrators


General Tab

The following can be seen and modified:

Modify your User's contact details:

- First Name
- Last Name
- Department
- Mobile Phone


 The Administrator can modify User's status. In order for Users to have an access to their online account, make and receive calls or use mobile applications, their status should be Enabled.

If the Administrator wish to receive training materials, product education, etc. from RingCental, he can then tick "Yes, I would like to receive information on product education, training materials, etc".

Record User Name

This setting helps ensure that name is pronounced correctly by the system operator. See User Settings - Admin - Record User's user name for more information.

Contact Phones 

This contains the contact phone that will be used to verify the User's identity.


This feature is provided to Users as an additional option if they wish to associate an email address to log in to their User profile. In order for an email address to be used for log in it should not be associated with another User's extension.


Administrators can modify the following under Change Password
Password  - The Administrator can modify his password and another User's password.
Security Question

Settings & Permissions

The following features can be seen and modified:


The Administrator sets the Roles and Permissions for each User in order to control the settings you are allowed to access or edit. 

Schedule Meetings for Me

The Administrator have the option to assign other Users to schedule a meeting on your behalf. See Schedule Meetings for Me to learn how.

User Hours

Check Set Hours of Operation and Time Zone to learn how to set your working hours.

Regional Settings

The Administrators can modify User's time and language settings. 

• Time Zone - Sets the time standard depending on geographical location. 
• Time Format - Sets the Time Format. This can be set to 12 or 24 hrs. 
• Home Country Code - Sets the Home Country Code.
• User Language - Choose the language used to view the account and notifications.
• Greetings Language - Choose the language for the phone greetings.
• Regional Format - Choose the format used to show date, time, currency, and other numbers.


User Groups 

The Administrator can create/modify User Groups.This feature allows the Administrators or Group managers to organize the Users based on the organization's hierarchy.  See User Groups Overview for more information.

Confirmation Message

This option specifies how long the confirmation message will appear after a successful operation is finished.
See Managing Confirmation Message for setting up this feature.



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