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Glip: Admin File Sharing Controls

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SummaryHow do I allow or restrict file sharing in Glip?

File Sharing controls which services may be used to share files.  Glip Administrators will be able to select which file sharing options their employees are allowed to use.  They can shut them all OFF or only allow employees to use a specific service, like Dropbox.  When specific services are turned OFF, they are no longer available for selection in the various places you can upload files (e.g., Compose menu, Attach Files menu when creating a task, etc.).

Step 1:

Glip Administrators can click on the drop-down menu and select Administration.

menu - Administration

Step 2:

On the Administration page, click Manage on File Sharing.

admin page - manage

The Manage File Sharing window will pop-up.

Step 3:

Toggle the button to turn ON / OFF which service you would allow or restrict, and then click Save.


NOTE: These services are ON by default.

These restrictions also apply to Guests. For example, dave@funco.com is a guest in a team owned by Acme Corp.  Acme only allows files shared from Google Drive.  Even though Funco has no file-sharing restrictions, when Dave goes to share a file in that team owned by Acme, Google Drive will be the only option available to him.
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