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SummaryWhat is the RingCentral for Gmail integration?
RingCentral for Gmail is a Gmail add on that enhances your e-mail experience by surfacing key contextual information within Gmail. You can instantly view RingCentral User presence, recent call history, and recent SMS messages of your contacts within a Gmail message thread. RingCentral for Gmail users can also quickly send and receive SMS messages and make calls within their native Gmail application on your mobile, PC, or Chromebook.

RingCentral for Gmail

Key Benefits:

• Quickly access messaging and communication information of your contacts within a Gmail conversation.
• Embedded integration within your native application - use it on your mobile device, Chromebook, or PC once enabled.
• Dynamic RingCentral presence updates of that User within your email conversation.
• SMS and call history immediately surfaced within your Gmail thread.

Installing RingCentral for Gmail

Step 1:

Login in to your G Suite account.

Step 2:

Click on Apps.

Step 3:

Select Marketplace apps .

Step 4:

Click the Add Marketplace apps add Marketplace apps button on the upper right hand of your screen.

add market place apps button

Step 5:

Type in RingCentral for Gmail on the Search field.

Search field

Step 6:

Click on RingCentral for Gmail.

Click on the ringcentral for gmail

Step 7:

Click Install.

NOTE: You can also install the RingCentral for Gmail add-on by logging in to your Gmail account > click Settings > select Get add-ons > type in RingCentral for Gmail on the Search field >click on RingCentral for Gmail > click Install.

Once you have installed the RingCentral for Gmail add-on, you can create SMS and place calls.

Creating an SMS

Creating an SMS

Placing a call

placing a call

RingCentral for Gmail Call
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