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RingCentral Meetings Dashboard Overview

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SummaryWhat is the RingCentral Dashboard?
The RingCentral Meetings Dashboard provides Administrators with a quick snapshot of the overall usage of meetings within the organization. This allows Administrators to view account-wide usage data and analyze issues for occurred events.

The RingCentral Meetings Dashboard is different from the RingCentral Meetings Reports. The RingCentral Meetings Reports provides both  Administrators and Users the meeting usages information. For more information about the RingCentral Meetings Reports, see RingCentral Meetings Reports Overview.

To access RingCentral Meetings Dashboards, go to Reports > Meetings Dashboard.

Meetings Dashboard

On the Meetings Dashboard page, you will see the following tabs: 

RingCentral Rooms
Room Connector

Meetings Dashboard overview

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All data on the Dashboard tab can be filtered by setting the Period.

• Active Users
• Meetings
• Room Connector ports usage
• Webinars

Dashboard - select Period

Top 10 Users

Top 10 Users

Usage By: Meetings, Meeting Minutes and Participants

Usage By - Meetings

Top 10 Locations

Top 10 Locations

Devices by Meetings

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Top 25 RingCentral Rooms with issues

Top 25 RingCentral Rooms with issues

Versions By: Client, RingCentral Rooms, RingCentral Rooms Controller  (Data is real-time and doesn't display historical data.)

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The Meetings tab displays the Live and Past Meetings information. 

Meetings tab

Click on the Meeting ID to review the details of the Meeting.

select meeting ID

The Meeting Details displays the Participants, Device used, IP Address, Location, Network Type, Join Time, and Leave Time

Meeting Details

NOTE: During a live Meeting, an Administrator may join  by clicking on the Join as an assistant. To do this got to the Live Meetings tab > click on the Meeting ID > Join as an assistant.

Join as assistant

RingCentral Rooms

The RingCentral Rooms tab displays the created Rooms.

RingCentral Rooms tab

Click on the Room Name to review meeting history and the detail of each meeting.

select rooms

Rooms details

Room Connector

The Room Connector tab displays the Room Connector Ports Usage.

Room Connector tab


The Webinars tab displays the information for Live and Past Webinars.

Webinars tab

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