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Call Queue: Setting maximum hold time

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SummarySetting maximum hold time to wait for an available call queue member

A call queue administrator may set the maximum hold time for a customer to wait on queue for the next available call queue member. When the maximum hold time is reached, the caller will then be forwarded to voicemail and disconnected.

To go to this section, click on Groups > Call Queues > Select the call queue you wish to edit (example, Billing) > Call Handling > Member availability and hold times

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Options Available

The administrator may set the maximum hold time to:
- Dont' wait - Transfer to voicemail
- 15 secs
- 30 secs
- 1 min
- 2 min
- 3 min
- 4 min
- 5 min
- 10 min
- 15 min
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