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RingCentral Meetings Account: Generate Reports from my Company Meetings

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SummaryHow do I generate reports for my company meetings on my RingCentral Meetings Account?
RingCentral Meetings Account allows you to generate reports on your Company Meetings by going to the Reports tab and selecting the type of Report on the Company Meetings tab.

The Reports feature is only available for Essential and Advanced Accounts. Go to (price and plans comparison) for details on available features.

Go to Reports > Company Meetings
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Daily Report

Show daily number of new users, meetings, participants and meeting minutes in a month. The data is shown in chart and table form. Click Export to download the report in .csv format.
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Usage Report

View meetings, participants and meeting minutes within a specified time range. The Usage Report can be filtered for a specified duration for up to 1 month and usage By Meetings or By Users.  Click Export as CSV File to download the report in .csv format.
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Inactive Users

Show the users who are not active during a period. You may search and filter via Personal Meeting Invite (PMI) number. Click Export to generate .csv report file.

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Webinar Report

View registration, attendee, performance, Q&A, and poll reports for webinars. Follow the steps on the page to generate a webinar report or go to Webinar Reporting for detailed instructions.
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