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RingCentral Meetings Account: Adding Users

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SummaryHow do I add users?
You may Add users on your RingCentral Meetings Account by going to Users >User List >Add User.

Step 1:

Click Add User.

User-added image

Step 2:

Number of Users
Enter the number of users per department. Click Add More to add users from other departments.

User-added image

Step 3:

Configure Users
Enter the User Details (First Name, Last Name, Email).  Click Add More if you want to add more users.
You have the option to send an email to the new users or skip sending the email by checking the box for Please do not send email to new users now.

User-added image

NOTE: The department details are copied from the Number of Users step but you may also change or remove the department details.

Step 4:

Click Finish. A notification window will appear that you have successfully added the users and you will be redirected to the user list page.

NOTE: Standard (International) role is assigned to new users by default. 

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