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SummaryHow do I view Call Logs on my RingCentral Online account? How do I filter Call Log data? How can I interpret the data on Call Logs? How do I download Call Logs? How can I set Call Logs to be delivered to my email address on a scheduled basis?

Call Log - Overview

The Call Log displays a complete record of incoming and outgoing calls, as well as faxes for the company number and specified extensions. Select the time period, type of call (inbound or outbound), blocked calls or recorded calls. Save reports for analysis or have the call log delivered to an email address on a daily, weekly, monthly, or on specified days.

Logs are stored in your RingCentral Online account for 1 year or until you delete them. For more information, check Message Storage and Account Data Retention.

IMPORTANT: Call log shows raw data of all the incoming and outgoing calls and faxes made by the entire account; Reports display a graphical analysis of the account's usage statistics for the past 24 hours; while Live Reports provide graphical representations of usage statistics close to real-time.

NOTE: You may disable the Call Log feature by customizing the User Roles and Permissions and assigning the Role to your specified Users. See User Roles and Permissions to learn more.

Features and Benefits

 Aids in forecasting costs and tracking productivity.
 Quickly search and sort call logs.
 Provides flexible formats and easy access.

Basic Call Log Functions - On this article

Other Call Log Features - Other articles

Call Log - Enable or Disable Call Log Delivery (automatically receive Call Log reports on your Email)

View your Call Log

The Call Log has 2 views, the Simple View and the Detailed View.  Follow the steps below to learn more:


2. Click Call Log.

3.  When viewing the Call Log, you have the option to use the Simple View or Detailed View. The table below describes the information included in the Simple view or Detailed View.

Simple View:
TypeThis indicated whether the log is a Phone call, Fax Message or VoIP. It also shows the Direction of the Call (Inbound or Outbound).
Date/Time of Call Displays when and what time the call was made.
ActionIndicates the type of action performed.
ResultShows the end result for the log.
LengthThis reflects the duration of time when the Caller is connected to the RingCentral system and not the duration of the call after it was answered. The length of time will still display even if the call was not answered.

Detailed View:
Detailed view includes all the simple view information with 4 additional columns for:

IncludedThis is the cost per minute used included in your RingCentral Plan.
PurchasedShows the originating Phone Number.
Outgoing ToDisplays the dialed phone number.
Incoming FromThis is the cost per minute used that is not included in your RingCentral Plan, e.g. International Calls.

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Filter Call Log

RingCentral has multiple filtering options that allow RingCentral Users to search for specific calls, faxes or phone number:

Regular Filter Options:

Date Filter  - Filter calls or faxes based on dates using the preset ranges (Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days or Last 60 days). You can also use a specific date range. 

• Phone Number or Contacts  - Filter using a specific phone number or contact. Enter the phone number in the field, or click Contacts to search your contact list.

Advanced Filter Options:

Type of Call - You can filter based on Type of call (Voice, Faxes or VoIP). Tick the appropriate box for the call type you are searching for. 

Call Direction - You can filter for either Inbound or Outbound calls by ticking the corresponding box. 

• Extension - Group managers and Users with Administrative access can filter and view the Call Log of all extensions or a particular extension. Tick the option for either All Extensions or Extension. Select a User whose Call Log needs to be viewed. Click Done.

IMPORTANT: Group managers can only view the Call Log of Users who are members of his User group.

Additional Options:

• Filter Call Log to include Blocked Calls, RingMe Calls or Recorded Calls

Interpreting your Call Log

The Call Log is comprised of several columns, depending on your view (Simple or Detailed). The Type, Action, and Result columns 

The Type column contains icons that indicate the different Voice or Fax activities:
User-added image
Incoming Call
User-added image
Incoming Fax
User-added image
Outgoing Call
User-added image
Outgoing Fax
User-added image
Missed Call

The following Actions can be interpreted as follows:
Phone Call
Incoming call to your phone number or extension.
VoIP Call
Outgoing call from your RingCentral Phone for Mobile, RingCentral Phone and IP Phone provisioned with RingCentral.
Incoming Fax
Incoming fax to your phone number or extension.
Forward attempts to your RingCentral Forwarding Number.
Outgoing call to another extension within the account (transfer call from one extension to another).
RingOut Web
RingOut PC
RingOut Mobile
Phone Login
A log in to your RingCentral account via phone via RingCentral Interactive Voice Response.
Calling Card
Outgoing call using the RingCentral Virtual Calling Card feature.
The Result column can be interpreted as follows:
The incoming call was accepted by the extension it rang or was forwarded to.
The extension that is being attempted to ring was busy. This means the user is on Do Not Disturb.
Call Connected
This shows an outbound call was connected to the dialed number. This happens after the status "Accepted" on an incoming call and indicates which phone in a sequence of phones took the call.
Hang Up
This means the inbound caller hung up before being successfully connected.
In Progress
This is an inbound or outbound call that is occurring at the moment while viewing the logs.
(Keep in mind that call logs do not refresh automatically on your web browser. If a call is ended while viewing the logs the logs may still state that the call is “In Progress” until refreshed.)
IP Phone Offline
The softphone or desk phone the Extension attempted to ring is offline or not connected to the RingCentral servers.
The call rang the extension and no device under that extension answered the call.
No Answer
This applies to individual IP devices that rang but did not answer.
This is found under a call queue or sequence of phones in a user extension. It indicates that these phones stopped ringing because the call was answered on another device.
The inbound call rang to or was sent directly to voicemail.
International Disabled
This was an attempted international call that was blocked due to lack of permissions on the account level.
The inbound call was either sent directly to voicemail or blocked.
Wrong Number
An Internal extension dialed an outside number that does not exist or is no longer in service.
Here are some examples that illustrate how the Call Log can be interpreted.

Example: Call Log for Call Queue

We have 2 calls for the example below: 

Sample Call:

We received an incoming call from (650) 425-9999, and the caller dialed our number (650) 340-1111. We have 1 agent answering phone calls, Jane Austen.

sample call

Delete Call Logs

Call Logs can be deleted one-by-one or all at the same time.
• Delete One-by-One - Select by checking the box next to the log that needs to be deleted, then click Delete.

• Delete Everything at once - Click Delete All. This deletes Everything in your Call Log.

NOTE: A pop-up window will appear and ask if you want to proceed. Click Yes.

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