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SummaryThis article shows how you can view the QoS Report for outgoing calls using the Analytics Portal on the RingCentral Online account.

How do I view the QoS report for outgoing calls on the Analytics Portal?

Being able to view the Quality of Service (QoS) report for all outgoing calls helps to get an overview of the company's system. It provides data needed to investigate and troubleshoot poor call quality issues — such as IP address, IP location, ISP, endpoint, codec, device, network type, CPU, and RAM.

This feature is available to RingCentral Office Standard, Premium, and Ultimate tiers.

1. Go to Admin Portal > Analytics. On the RingCentral Analytics and Reporting page, go to Quality of Service > Calls tab.

QoS - Calls

2. Click the ENDPOINTS drop-down box.


3. Uncheck Endpoints, then select the endpoint (where the outgoing calls were made) for the report. Click Done.

Select Glip Desktop - Done

The QoS data will be displayed. You can expand Show Call Map to see the call's diagram. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy and paste the data on your notepad.

QoS data

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