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RingCentral Phone Android - Extract Crash Logs

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SummaryThis article will guide customers in gathering information needed by Customer Support in troubleshooting the RingCentral Mobile App for Android phones.
When you encounter issues on the RingCentral Mobile app, one step in resolving these is to generate the log files for Customer Support to review in order to narrow down the problem. Follow the steps below to get the log files on the RingCentral Mobile app. Logs can be sent via email from your device.

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Open the dial pad.

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Step 3: 

Type *SENDLOG#  (*7363564#) then tap Call.

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Step 4:

Tap Send Log.

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Step 5:

Tap Current Log.
You will be able to see a list of logs available. Tap on the latest Application log.

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Step 6:

Tap Send log via e-mail.

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Step 7: 

Choose the email program that you would like to use for sending the RingCentral Mobile App Log.
NOTE: For you to be able to send an email, an email account must be properly configured on the phone's email client. Customer Support will provide an email address where you can send the logs.
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