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How to Use Call Flip | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides instructions on how to use Call Flip and Selective Call Flip.

How to use Call Flip on RingCentral Deskphones
How to use Call Flip on RingCentral Phone for Desktop and Mobile 
How to use Selective Call Flip

How to use Call Flip on RingCentral Deskphones

When you are on a call, press  and the Flip Number to which it is assigned. The call is transferred immediately to that assigned device.

For example, if you have the number 2 assigned to your home phone, clicking *2 while you are on a call will instantly transfer the call to your home phone.

How to use Call Flip on RingCentral Phone for Desktop and Mobile

On your RingCentral Phone for Desktop or Mobile, click or tap the Flip button while you are in an active call. When you click or tap the Flip button, you will be able to see the Flip Call to screen where you can select from the list of available call flip numbers.

How to use Selective Call Flip

The Call Flip feature might intercept when calling numbers that require the use of the asterisk or star key (*) + a number. The asterisk or star key (*) in the RingCentral system triggers the Call Flip or Call Recording Function. Because of this, you may be unable to use your RingCentral provisioned devices for pressing the  (* + quick dial number) command.

Selective Call Flip allows users to bypass the Call Flip command ( * + quick dial number) and prevent RingCentral's PBX system from intercepting with the touch-tone command. This will allow you to call numbers that require pressing the asterisk or star key * followed by a number to get to the next option or to apply a touch-tone command during an audio conference.

For this to work, the QuickDial entry needs to be assigned to another Flip Number so RingCentral will not intercept with the touch-tone command entered through the phone provisioned with RingCentral. This will free up selective numbers to avoid confusion when a number is used for other functions in certain calls. See How to Configure the Call Flip Settings for more information.

Example: In an audio conference, you have to dial *4 to mute the audio. You can free up slot *4 by holding your mouse on the row, drag and drop the row to change the Flip Number. In the image below, we moved the Flip Number to slot *6. Since *4 is now empty, you can now use it to mute the audio conference by pressing *4. 

9.3 user-settings-callhandlingforwarding-callflip selective

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