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Common Issues when setting up or updating your E911 Emergency Address

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SummaryThis article guides you on how to avoid possible issues encountered when setting up or updating your E911 Emergency Address.


The E911 address is the address used to send to Fire / Police / other Emergency Services teams when a 911 call is placed. It is a requirement to provide an accurate address to ensure a timely response in case of an emergency. If a phone is moved physically to a new address, that information must be updated immediately.

IMPORTANT: You cannot initiate an outbound call without an emergency address. For more information go to Troubleshooting - Missing E911 Address.

For steps on E911 Emergency Address update, go to Updating your E911 Address.

Common issues:

• Unable to save E911 Address.

• E911 Address still not showing after saving the address.

E911 Address guidelines:

• Emergency addresses must always correspond to the location of the device. If a user has to move to a different location, go to Phones and Devices > select the device assigned to the user.  

• Make sure there are no special characters on the emergency address. (!@#$%^&*(), etc.)

• Please note that it may take several hours for any address update to take effect.

• Verify and confirm your emergency address details. Do not make a test emergency call.

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