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SummaryRingCentral Audio Conferencing allows Hosts and Participants to use touch tone commands on their dial pads during an audio conference.

List of Host and Participant Touch-tone commands for RingCentral Audio Conferencing

Use your touch-tone dialpad keys to mute or block participants, record the call, and more.

The host and participants have the same conference bridge number to dial in but have a different set of commands for setting up the conference session's preferences.

Click on the links below to view the list of commands for RingCentral Audio Conferencing. 
Touch Tone Commands (For the Host)
Touch Tone Commands (For Participants)


Touch Tone Commands (For the Host)

The Host has full call control and can access the following touch tone commands:

Host Command

Feature keys

Caller Count
Allows the host to get a count of how many callers are on the call
Exit Conference
Allows the host to exit the conference
Menu Instructions
Plays a menu of touch tone commands
Listening Modes
The Default mode is Open Conversation mode.

Press *#5 once to mute all the participants. On this mode, participants can still unmute themselves by pressing *#6.

Press *#5 twice to put all the participants on mute without the capability of unmuting themselves.

Press *#5 for the third time to return to Open Conversation mode.
Press *#6 to place your line on mute

Press *#6 again to unmute your line
Press *#7 to secure the conference and block all other callers from joining

Press *#7 again to reopen the conference to all callers
Tone Control
The default setting is Entry and Exit tones ON.

Press *#8 once to set Entry and Exit tones OFF

Press *#8 for the second time to set the Entry tone OFF, Exit tone ON

Press *#8 for the third time to set the Entry tone ON, Exit tone OFF

Press *#8 for the fourth time to set the conference back in default mode, with both Entry and Exit tones ON.
Record Your Conference
Press *9 once to START Recording
Press *9 again to STOP and SAVE the Recording

NOTE: Conference Recording will not work on 3rd party phones/carriers (non-RingCentral phone number), such as landlines or mobile phones.

For the Conference Recording to work, the Host needs to join the conference using their RingCentral desk phone, RingCentral Phone (softphone) or RingCentral Phone for Mobile. To access the recorded conference call, the Host must log into the account associated with the app or desk phone they used to join. 

See Accessing your Call Recordings for more information.


Touch Tone Commands (For Participants)

Participants have limited control, and have access to the following touch tone commands: 
Participant Commands and Feature Keys
Allows the Participant to exit the conference
Plays a menu of touch tone commands

Press *#6 to place your line on mute

Press *#6 again to unmute your line


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