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Conference Call - Set up a RingCentral Conference Bridge through your Online Account

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SummaryConference calls can be set up through the online account (Service Web) using the RingCentral Conference feature. This article will show where to find the Bridge Dial-In number, the host and participant codes, and how to invite through email.

Conference Call using the RingCentral Conference feature through the online account

1. On your Online Account, click the Conference icon.

click the conference icon

2. On the Conference screen, you will see the Bridge Dial-In Number, Host code, and Participant code.

conference screen

3. If you have international participants, you can Select the applicable countries under International Dial-In Numbers. The phone numbers will be added to the email invite.

4. Select Enable join before host if you want your participants to join the conference bridge before the host does. Otherwise, leave unchecked.

5. Click Invite with Email.

6. On the email invite, enter your participant's email addresses, then click Send.

conference invite email

Visit this article for a list of available commands: Conference Calling: Touch Tone Commands and International Dial-In Numbers

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