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Checking the Conference Details from Your Online Account

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SummaryWhere do I check the conference details from my online account?

Conference calling is available for all RingCentral Office customers in US and Canada, and RingCentral Office Standard, Premium and Ultimate in UK. 

RingCentral Audio Conferencing will enable you to setup and join adhoc (reservation less) conference calls anytime, anywhere. Each user will receive a conference bridge number and a unique access code to host a conference. The local conference number, the Host and Participants access codes can be viewed from your online account.

This article will guide you in retrieving your Conference calling credentials.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click the Conference button.

Conference Icon

The following options are available in the Conference window:
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1. Dial-in Numbers per Location - A local conference number which will be used for conference calling.
2. Host Access Code - A unique access code to be used by the host when dialling in.
3. Participants Access Code - A unique access code for participants to join the conference call.
4. International Dial-in Numbers - Select regional Dial-In numbers to start or join a Conferencing call from an International location. Your Host and Participants codes remain the same.
5. Enable join before host - Allows participants to join a conference call, even before the host logs in.
6. Conference Commands - Click View to open the list of commands that the host or participant can use during the conference call. See Conference Calling: Touch Tone Commands and International Dial-In Numbers, to learn more about the Conference commands. 
7. Invite with Email - This button allows you to send invites to participants via email.  Clicking on Invite with Email will open your default email application. The email will contain the conference call details such as the Dial-in number, Host code and Participants code.
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