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Checking the Conference Details from Your Online Account

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SummaryWhere do I check the conference details from my online account?
Conference calling is available for RingCentral Office customers.  This will enable you to setup and join adhoc (reservation less) conference calls anytime, anywhere.  Each Office customer will receive a conference bridge number and every user has a unique access code to host a conference.  The local conference number, and the Host and Participants access codes can be viewed from your online account.

This article will guide you in retrieving your Conference calling credentials.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click Conference.

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User-added image

• Dial-in number
A local conference number which will be used for conference calling.

A unique access code to be used by the host for of the  conference call when dialling in.

A unique access code for particiapants to join the conference call.

Invite with Email
This button allows you to send invites to participants via email.  The email will contain the conference call details such as the Dial-in number, Host code and Particiapants code.

Enable join before host
Allows participants to join a conference call, even before the host logs in.

• Conference Commands
This displays the list of commands the host can use during the call.

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*#2Caller CountKeep track of the number of people in the conference
*#3Leave ConferenceLets the host hang up and end the conference
*#4MenuSays the touch tone commands available

Set Listening Mode

Press 1x

Press 2x

Press 3x


Callers can unmute with  #*6

Listen only, no option to unmute

Unmute callers

*#6Mute Host Line

• Press once to mute

• Press twice to unmute

*#7Secure the Call

• Press once to BLOCK all callers

• Press again to OPEN the call

*#8 Hear sound when people Join or Leave the conference

• Press 1x turns OFF sound

• Press 2x Enter tone is ON, Exit sound is OFF
• Press 3x Enter tone is OFF, Exit sound is ON
• Press 4x Enter and Exit sound is ON

*9Record your Conference• Press once to START recording
• Press again to STOP recording
NOTE:  Hosts and Participants can record conference calls using their RingCentral devices using the mobile app and desktop app.

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