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SummaryYou can check your desk phone or through the RingCentral online account to know that your phone is online and properly provisioned. The desk phone should display the Date and Time set on the extension where the phone is assigned to. To check the desk phone's status through the RingCentral Online account, see steps below.

NOTE: You need to be an Administrator or a User with access to Phones & Devices to perform the steps below.

Deskphones | Checking if the Desk Phone is Online

1. Log in to your RingCentral Account.

2. Under Admin Portal, click on Phone System.

3. Click on Phones & Devices

4. Under Phones & Devices, you should see the Serial Number of the device that was provisioned. If the device is showing the Serial Number, and a green check under the Status, it means that the device has been registered and provisioned with RingCentral.

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5. When you click on the device, you should see the Phone Details section. The Phone Nickname should appear on your phone's screen and the Status should show Online

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NOTE: If the Phone Details show Order in progress: Check Status, and the phone is Online, you just need to restart the phone three (3) times to allow the server to refresh and register the Serial Number associated with your device. If your phone is still Offline after doing the above steps, please Contact RingCentral Support

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