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Scan to Fax via the RingCentral Desktop App

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SummaryCan I directly fax a scanned document without saving it to my computer or using other application?

The RingCentral Desktop app has the Scan-to-Fax feature that allows you to directly attach a scanned document from your scanner or Multi-Function device, and send it as a fax message.

How it Works

The RingCentral Desktop app automatically detects any WIA-compliant device connected to the computer. Once detected, you can start using the scan option to scan and attach a document to your fax. 

​IMPORTANT: This feature is currently supported on Windows computers only.

Set your Scanner on the RingCentral Desktop app

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click the gear icon to open your RingCentral Desktop app Settings.

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Step 3:

Click Messaging.
If you have multiple devices connected to your network or computer, select the correct scanner (WIA device) on the drop-down list. 

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Using the Scan-to-Fax feature

Step 1:

Click the FaxOut icon to compose a new fax message.

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Step 2:

Click the Scan icon User-added image and proceed to scan the document using the device source you selected. The maximum fax size is 20 MB.

NOTE: The scanner should be powered-on and properly connected to your computer for the RingCentral Desktop app to detect and recognize it. Ensure that the scanner's driver and software are installed. Refer to your device's product guide for more information. 

To prevent fax attachment issues,  
• Ensure that the attachment does not exceed 200 pages.
• Ensure that the total size of attached files do not exceed 20 MB.

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Step 3:

Fill out the fields provided for your Fax message.
User-added image1. Recipient's Fax Number (To:)
You can manually enter the recipient's Fax number, or you can select from your list of Personal Contacts by clicking on the plus User-added image icon.

If you want to send the fax to multiple recipients (up to 50), you can enter a space between the fax numbers.

If you want to send a fax to send a fax to multiple recipients (50 and above), you will need to enable Fax Broadcasting on your account. For more information, go to Credit Card Authorization Form (CCAF).

IMPORTANT: When sending to multiple recipients, the same Details (Name, Company & Note) will display on the Cover Page of the fax. If you want the Cover Page to contain specific detail for each recipient, you will need to send the fax to your recipients one at a time. 
2. Cover Page (Optional)
You can choose to include a Cover Page to your Fax message by selecting a Fax Cover Page Template from the Cover Page Selection. If you only want to send your documents without a Cover page, you can set this option to None

For more information, go to Setting Up a Custom Fax Cover Page on the RingCentral Desktop app.

Recipient Details: 

3. Recipient's Name 
4. Recipient's Company 
5. Cover Page Note 

IMPORTANT: These information is sent to all if you are sending to multiple recipients. If you want the Cover Page to contain specific details for each recipient, you will need to send the fax to your recipients one at a time. 

Step 4:

You can schedule your fax to be sent immediately or at a later time.
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1. Send now

To send your fax immediately, click Send now

To cancel a fax that has already been sent but not answered yet, go to your RingCentral Online account's Outbox Folder.

To know how to check the status of your fax, go to Checking the Status of a Fax Message

2. Send later

To send your fax at a later time, click Send later, and then choose the Date and Time when RingCentral will send the fax message. 

Once the Date and Time is set, click Schedule send
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NOTE: The fax message that you scheduled to be sent at a later time will be saved in your Outbox folder.

For steps on how to cancel a scheduled fax, scroll down or go to Outbox Folder.

To check the status of your fax, scroll down to Checking the Status of a Fax Message.


Checking the Status of a Fax message

Outbox Folder

When you Send or Schedule a fax, the fax message is saved in your Outbox folder until it is answered by the Receiving Fax number. To access your Outbox folder, follow the steps below:

Step 1: 

If you are a User with no Administrator access, click the Messages tab on your RingCentral Online account. 

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If you are an Administrator, you have to switch to My Extension view, and then click the Messages tab.

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Step 2: 

Click Outbox

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Step 3: 

RingCentral will need to process and covert your fax message into a format that regular fax machines can read before sending. You can still cancel your fax message before it is sent or answered by the receiving number. 

If the view button User-added image on a fax message is grayed out, it means that RingCentral has not attempted to send it yet, which means that you can still cancel the fax message. 

User-added image

IMPORTANT: If the view button User-added image on a fax message is illuminated, it means that RingCentral has started to send it. Once RingCentral has attempted to send your fax message, it can no longer be cancelled even after deleting it from your Outbox folder. When the fax failed to send on the 1st attempt, RingCentral will automatically attempt to resend the fax within 5-10 mins after the attempt. This is useful when the Recipient's number is busy. When the fax still fails to send on the 2nd attempt, RingCentral will resend the fax for the last time and marks it as failed when it still fails on the 3rd attempt.
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NOTE: When your fax message has been sent successfully, the fax will disappear from the Outbox folder and move to the Sent items folder. When the fax message failed to send (3rd attempt), it stays in the Outbox folder so you can attempt to resend at a later time. 

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For more information on why the fax sending failed, you can check the Call Log section of your account. For detailed information about Call Log, you can go to Call Log Overview. For a quick overview, scroll down.

Call Log

The example below shows the Call Log section filtered to show the status of Sent Faxes User-added image

Step 1: 

Under the Call Log section, open the Advanced Features, filter the following information and click the Show button.
• Date: You can specify the date or choose to show logs for the last 7, 30 or 60 days.
Type of Call: Select Fax
• Direction: You can choose to show Inbound, Outbound or Both.

User-added image

Step 2: 

On the sample log below, it shows the Recipient's Fax Number under the Phone Number column, and the status of the sent fax under Results. When you hover your mouse over the result, you will get a bubble showing more information about the result.

User-added image
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