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Account Validation When Logging-in to your RingCentral Account on a New Device

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SummaryAccount Validation Overview
Account Validation is a 2-step account verification feature that requires a user to enter a security code when logging-in to their RingCentral account for the first time on a new computer. The security code is sent to the user's mobile phone via SMS, or to their email address, depending on the information stored in the the User's account.

This feature improves the security of your RingCentral account, and reduces the risk of fraudulent activity.

Existing Users Before June 2015

Account Validation Enabled - Administrators will not see Account Validation under the Tools section anymore.  Account Administrators won't be able to turn off Account Validation.

Account Validation Disabled - Administrators will still see Account Validation under the Tools section, with the option to enable it for all Users.  Once enabled, Account Validation will no longer appear under the Tools section.  All Users will be asked to validate their account the next time they try to access it on another device.

Issues Logging In Due to Account Validation Codes Not Received

In cases when a User fails to receive the verification codes through SMS on their mobile phone, or through their email address, please Contact Support to disable Account Validation temporarily.

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