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SummaryThis article demonstrates how Administrators can create a virtual extension using the RingCentral Online account.

How to create a virtual extension

A Virtual Extension (VE) is a user extension without an assigned DigitalLine. Virtual extensions provide great benefit for users who just need access to the RingCentral Online account for Administrator, Meetings or RingCentral App (Glip).

The Virtual Extension (VE) can be created by Administrators on the RingCentral Online account. It becomes an active user extension or "mobile user" (and charged the full price for a DigitalLine) if it makes/receives 10 or more calls per month (billing cycle). Converting a Virtual Extension to a DigitalLine allows organizations to get full access to RingCentral Phone or a desk phone for a similar price as an active extension.

Question: Will Virtual Users (No DID) have the ability to make outbound calls through the RingCentral app? If yes, will the system convert them to mobile users after making and receiving 10 calls within a billing cycle?

Answer: Yes, as long as they have VOIP calling permission, they will be able to make outbound calls through the RC app. Yes, the system will convert them to mobile users after making/receiving 10 calls within a billing cycle.

To create a Virtual Extension, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to the RingCentral Online account.

2. Go to Admin Portal > Users > User list > Users With Extensions.

3. Click Add User.

4. Select Domestic, then click Next.

5. Click the Add Users Without Phones tab, then enter the number of (virtual) users. Leave the State (optional) and Area code (optional) blank.

6. Click Add, then click Next. The total estimated price for this should be $0.00.

NOTE: If Cost Center is enabled on the RingCentral Online account: select the Cost Center Code, then select the device. Click Next.

7. Click OK on the Alert window.

8. Go to Admin Portal > Users > User list > Unassigned Extensions, then click Ext with no device assigned.

Click Ext with no device assigned

9. Enter the necessary information (The First Name, Last Name, Extension Number, and Email Address.are required). You may also assign the appropriate role.

10. For Set Up Options, select if you want the user to set up their own login and password information, or if you prefer to set it up for the user. 

If you selected Set up by the user, ask the user to check the activation email and follow the instructions in order to activate the virtual extension.

Enter information - Save & Enable

11. Click Save & Enable.

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