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SummaryWhen you are not receiving incoming fax notification emails, you can check your email account's Junk or Spam folder to make sure RingCentral's email addresses are added to your email server's Whitelist or Trusted list. You can also check and make sure your Notification settings are configured correctly.

Not Receiving Incoming Fax Notification Emails

You can set to get your fax messages in PDF format to be included as an attachment via a Fax Notification email from RingCentral. If you have already set your email address to get notifications from RingCentral, but are not receiving the Fax Notifications, follow the steps below: 

How to resolve inability to receive Fax Notifications

1. Check your email account's Junk or Spam folder. If you are able to find RingCentral's Notification email in your email's Spam or Junk folder, please mark it as Not Spam. A permanent solution is to add the following RingCentral's email addresses to your email account/server's Whitelist or Trusted list:

• service@ringcentral.com
• notify@ringcentral.com

2. Ensure that your extension's Notification settings are configured correctly. See Admin: Setting up Messages & Notifications. for more information.

IMPORTANT:  For US customers, voice and fax messages will not be attached to the email notification if the HIPAA setting is enabled on your account. See HIPAA Privacy Rule and Overview for more information.

3. If the above steps failed to resolve your issue, please Contact RingCentral Support for assistance. 

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