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Fax - Unable to attach file | RingCentral Phone for Mobile

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SummaryWhen sending a fax message via the RingCentral Phone for Mobile, you have the option to attach files from the following Sources: Documents, Photos, Dropbox, and Box. You can select Documents as the source to send files such as .pdf, .doc, etc.


Fax - Unable to attach file

When selecting Documents as the source of documents to fax, it may show a blank screen with a message that says Documents imported from email or other apps will be stored here. You will be able to use them for faxing

 Selecting Documents as the Source of Documents to Fax

To view your files in the Documents section of the RingCentral Phone for Mobile, do the following:

1. Download and save the file in your mobile device. 

2. Open the file via the RingCentral Phone for Mobile. 

Locate and tap the document in your mobile device and open with RC Phone.


Opening file via the RingCentral Phone for Mobile will allow the app to access the file so you can attach it to your Fax message. The next time that you attach a file, you will see it under Documents. The file will stay in the Documents section of the app until removed from the list.





If the above steps failed to resolve your issue, please Contact RingCentral Support for assistance. 

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