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How to enable the headset echo cancellation on your Polycom Phone

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SummaryHow do I enable Echo Cancellation on a Polycom desk phone when I am using a Headset?

How to enable Echo Cancellation on Polycom phone when you're using a Headset.

Step 1:

Click on the Menu button on the phone.

Polycom - Echo Cancellation - Press Menu

Step 2:

Go to Settings.

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Step 3:

Go to Basic.

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Step 4:

Select Preferences.

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Step 5:

Select Headset.

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Step 6:

Select Echo Cancellation.

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Step 7:

Select Enable.

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NOTE:  To keep this feature disabled, ensure that Disabled is selected.

Step 8:

Once enabled, press the left arrow key to go back to the home menu.

Polycom - Echo Cancellation - Press the Left Arrow Key to go back to Home.

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