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Admin: Setting a Rule Based on Incoming Caller ID

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SummaryHow do I set a rule based on an incoming caller ID?

Setting up a rule based on Incoming Caller ID can be configured in your online account's Advanced Call Handling section. This rule will help Administrators and Users manage calls based on the caller ID of the party calling in.

To configure another User's custom call handling rules based on date range with a weekly schedule, follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT: Custom Answering Rules are applied before the Business Hours and After Hours rules.

NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps below, make sure that you are already logged in to your RingCentral Online account as an Administrator. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know more.

Step 1:

Click Users located on the right of Phone System.

Click the name of the user or extension where you want to add a rule.
In this example, we will select John Smith.

Select User

Step 2:

Click Call Handling & Forwarding.

call handling and forwarding

Step 3:

Click Advanced.

select advanced

Step 4:

Click Add Rule.

click add rule

Step 5: 

Enter the Name for the rule and then click Next.

rule name

Step 6: 

The custom Call Handling rules can be based on the following:
Caller ID - The Caller ID rule is based on calls coming from specific phone numbers. You can create a list of phone numbers to be used for this setting. (Numbers selected must be using Caller ID.)
Called Number - The Called Number rule is based on the phone number your clients dialed; for example, a phone number you are using for a customer promotion campaign.
Date and/or Time - The Date and/or Time rule is based on a time of the day and week every week, or on a specific date range. This condition works best for setting vacation and holiday schedules. Select when the rule should be active, either Weekly Schedule or Specific Date Range.

call handling options

NOTE: We will be using the Caller ID rule for this example. Enter the phone number or Contact Name and click Add.

enter caller ID

Step 7: 

Click Next.

click next to proceed

Step 8: 

You can choose from the following actions to determine how calls are handled based on the conditions that you've set for the User:

Forward Calls - Allows Users to forward calls to forwarding numbers simultaneously, or in sequential order. 
Take Messages Only - This option send callers directly to the User's voicemail.
Play Announcement Only - Plays a pre-recorded announcement and ends the call after the announcement is played.
Unconditional Forwarding - Bypasses RingCentral's call handling settings and allows the forwarding number to handle the call.

Forward Calls 

Step 1:

Select Forward Calls.

forward calls

Step 2:

Click Screening, Greeting and Hold Music, and configure to your preferred settings.

Screening, Greeting and Hold Music

Step 3:

Click Call Handling & Forwarding, and configure to your preferred settings.

call handling and forwarding

Step 4:

Click Messages, and configure to your preferred settings. Click Done.


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Take Messages Only

This option sends callers directly to the User's voicemail.

Step 1:

Select Take Messages Only.

take messages only

Step 2:

Tick the box to enable the Take Messages feature. This allows you to configure what callers will hear before they leave their voice message. You can keep the default settings, or you can customize by recording your greeting or uploading a pre-recorded audio file.

enable take messages only

Step 3:

Click Select Extension to select the extension where the voicemail messages will be saved, and then click Save.

select extension to take messages

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Play Announcement Only

Play a pre-recorded announcement and end the call afterwards.

play announcement only

NOTE: If you would like to upload a custom announcement, click Edit

click Edit to customize announcement

There are three (3) ways to customize the company greeting: Record Over the Phone, through the Computer Microphone and Importing (which means to say to upload a .WAV or .MP4 file).

custom announcement options

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Unconditional Forwarding

Select if you want to forward the call to a different phone number without having to go through the User's greeting settings. This option is good when you want the call to go directly to the User's personal voicemail when the User does not pick-up. Enter the phone number on the field provided.

unconditional forwarding

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