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Setting Up Presence for Users that can be monitored by others

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SummaryHow do I set up the Permissions of an extension or user so they can be monitored by others?

After setting up the Presence of Users that can monitor others (e.g. QAs, supervisors, other levels of management), Account administrators need to allow others to see the Presence of the Users who will be monitored (agents).

This article shows how Account administrators can set this up.

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Step 1:

Log in to your RingCentral Online account as an Account administrator

Step 2:

Click Users, then under User list, click the name of the user or extension who will be monitored.

In this example, we selected Jack Manning.

Click Users, then under User list, select by clicking the name of the User who will be monitored.

Step 3:

Click Phones & Numbers, then click Presence.

Click Phones & Numbers, then click Presence.

NOTE: Presence-capable phones have status indicator lights that let you see who is available, busy, or on hold. This is where you can turn on Presence and decide who gets monitored and how you want to handle the calls.
Step 4:

Click Permissions.

Click Permissions.

Step 5:

Set Allow other users to see my Presence status to On.

Click Save.

Set Allow other users to see my Presence status to On.

NOTE: You can also specify users to pick up your incoming calls when you are unavailable. To easily search for the users, you can either use the Search box or the filter.

• Using the Search box – type the user's name, then press Enter or click the magnifying glass. Click the user's name, then click Save.

Type a user name in the Search box, then press Enter or click the magnifying glass

• Using the filter – click the drop-down box (located on the right of the Search box), then select a filter criterion from the list. Select the user/users, then click Save.

Click the filter drop-down box, then select a filter criterion.

Step 6:

Back to the Phones & Numbers screen, click Done.

Click Done.

The Users you selected to be monitored will appear on your desk phone.

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