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SummaryPort trigerring can be configured on the Linksys router to help with the audio issues that can be experienced with your RingCentral service.

Set up Port Triggering - Linksys Router

Port triggering allows you to give specialized Internet applications (RingCentral service) within a private or local network, such as VoIP or IP Phone services, access to the Internet. This will also help you with audio issues you may be experiencing with your RingCentral service.

1. Access your router’s web-based setup page.

2. Click Applications & Gaming.

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3. Select Port Range Triggering.

4. Under the Application Name column, enter "RingCentral" to represent the software.

5. Enter the port numbers of the computer application in the required fields.

NOTE: See RingCentral Network Requirements and Recommendations for the list of ports.

6. Click Save Settings.

TitleNetwork - Port Trigerring - Linksys Router | RingCentral
URL NameHow-to-set-up-port-triggering-on-a-Linksys-router
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