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Phones and Devices - Update (E911) Emergency Address - Admin | RingCentral Online Account

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SummaryUpdating the E911 Emergency Address allows you to implement changes to the physical address of a Digital Line. The same address will be used by 911 to trace the origin of a 911 call in the US.

The E911 address is the address used to send to Fire / Police / other Emergency Services teams when a 911 call is placed. It is a requirement to provide an accurate address to ensure a timely response in case of emergency. If a phone is moved physically to a new address, that information must be updated immediately. 
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NOTE: You can check your E911 or Emergency address by dialing 933 using your desk phone or RingCentral Phone for Mac or Windows (softphone). You will be able to hear the direct telephone number of the phone you are dialing from (not the phone set in the Outbound Caller ID), the address you are registered to, and whether you are registered to 911 or not. See Reserved Extension Numbers - Troubleshooting for more information.

Phones and Devices - Update (E911) Emergency Address - Admin 

1. Log in to the RingCentral Online account as an Administrator.

2. Under Phone System, click Phones & Devices.

3. Select the Extension with the Emergency Address that needs to be updated.

4. Under Emergency Address, click Edit Address.

5. Enter your new E911 Dialing or Emergency Address.


• Do NOT include special characters in the Customer Name field. The address will be verified, so please enter a true physical address. Suite and apartment numbers should always be entered in the Apartment / Suite # field. Ensure to update this address whenever you change your physical location.

• If Users do not have a registered Emergency Address, they will not be able to make outbound calls from their device. However, they will still be able to dial 911.

• The registered Emergency Address MUST be the physical address where the device is located.

6. Read the important notes about E911 then tick the checkbox to confirm that you understand. Click I Accept to accept the terms.

7. Click Save to confirm the changes.

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