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SummaryCannot dial a specific country even though International Calling is enabled. Some countries are considered blacklisted on RingCentral for fraud purposes. Meaning that you can only dial specific area codes in those countries. If you have International Calling enabled on your account but you can’t seem to be able to dial a certain country, check to make sure that it is not blacklisted.

Dialling Internationally | Whitelist Form

1. In the Admin Portal, go to the Billing Tab.
2. Select the International Calling section.

Click Billing

3. If the country has an exclamation point next to it then it is considered a blacklisted country with limited numbers to call.

Blacklisted country with exclamation point

If you need to make calls to a country with this mark on it, simply fill out a whitelist form in its entirety and attach it to a web case. Follow the steps found in this article: International Calling - Enabling Blocked International Countries 

NOTE: Only an authorized individual on the RingCentral account can fill out this whitelist form. 

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