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Keeping Phone Numbers of Cancelled Accounts

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SummaryKeeping Phone Numbers of Cancelled Accounts

The US Federal Communications Commission requires all telecommunications carriers to allow users to keep their existing phone numbers when switching to another service provide.

However, there are a few things to consider to ensure it goes smoothly. You may keep your RingCentral number as long as you have paid for at least one (1) month of service and your account is in good standing. The porting will need to complete BEFORE you cancel or the port will be cancelled at the time of account cancellation.


  • Contact your new telephone service company for instructions on transferring your number from RingCentral.

    Most telephone service providers will instruct you to complete a RespOrg – or Letter of Authorization (LOA).
  • Your new telephone service company will then contact RingCentral on your behalf.

    RingCentral will then release the phone number to the requesting company if the documentation is complete and if you have an active account in good standing.
  • You forfeit all proprietary rights to your telephone number when you cancel your account, even if you have already asked for the porting to begin.  


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