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List of Tested Phones with RingCentral

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SummaryWhat are the tested phones with the RingCentral service?

RingCentral offers several SIP phones that come pre-configured for your RingCentral account, and are fully recommended and supported by RingCentral. For information on RingCentral's pre-configured devices, go to Set up a RingCentral SIP Phone.

To learn more about the phones that we offer and its features, go to RingCentral Business VoIP Phones and Devices page:
RingCentral United States
RingCentral Canada
RingCentral United Kingdom 

Although RingCentral recommends and only provides full support for RingCentral-provided SIP phones, we recognize that some customers may wish to use other devices. For customers with existing Polycom, Cisco, or Yealink phones; or phones purchased from a third-party, we offer an Assisted Provisioning capability to automatically provision those devices with RingCentral.

In Assisted Provisioning, the phone's Serial Number is entered on your RingCentral Online account, and RingCentral's Provisioning Server address is entered inside the phone's Menu. This allows the phone to automatically connect, download, and update the information. Since your system is in the cloud, updates and new features appear automatically. 

The table below shows the list of Desk Phones that can be set up via Assisted Provisioning:


Table 1: Supported Phones for Assisted Provisioning

Cisco / Linksys
Cisco Linksys 2102 ATA
For instructions on how to set up your Cisco Desk phone through RingCentral's Assisted Provisioning feature, go to Assisted Provisioning for Cisco / Linksys IP Phones.
Cisco Linksys PAP2T ATA
Cisco SPA-122 ATA
Cisco SPA-303 Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-504G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-508G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-509G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-514G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-525G2 Desk Phone
Cisco SPA525G Advanced Executive Color IP Phone
Polycom IP 321 Basic IP phone
For instructions on how to set up your Polycom Desk phone through RingCentral's Assisted Provisioning feature, go to Assisted Provisioning for Polycom IP phones
Polycom IP 335 HD IP phone
Polycom 5000 Conference Phone
Polycom IP 550 HD Manager IP phone
Polycom IP 6000 Conference Phone
Polycom VVX101
Polycom VVX201
Polycom VVX300
Polycom VVX310
Polycom VVX311
Polycom VVX400
Polycom VVX410
Polycom VVX411
Polycom VVX500
Polycom VVX501
Polycom VVX600
Polycom VVX601
SoundPoint IP 331
SoundPoint IP 450
SoundPoint IP 560
SoundPoint IP 650
SoundPoint IP 670
SoundPoint IP 7000
Yealink SIP-T21P Basic IP Phone
For instructions on how to set up your Yealink Desk phone through RingCentral's Assisted Provisioning feature, go to Provisioning a Yealink T21P or Yealink W52P Phone on your RingCentral Account
Yealink W52P Cordless Phone
Yealink W56P Cordless Phone

Other Phones that Require Manual Set up

If your phone is not on the list (Table 1), you can still configure your device via Manual Provisioning. Digital phones will not work on RingCentral. Phones must be SIP compliant to operate with RingCentral.

For more information, go to Set up a Third Party SIP Phone.

Other Devices not Recommended for Configuration onto RingCentral

• Postage Machines
• Credit Card Machines
• Automatic Door Controlloers

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