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SummaryThis article contains the list of devices that are sold and supported by RingCentral, devices that are not sold by RingCentral but will assist in provisioning, phones that are not sold but will work with manual (self) provisioning, as well as the list of phones that will not work and are not supported by RingCentral.

RingCentral - Supported Phones


List of phones that will work and will not work with RingCentral 

1. Phones we sell and support 

These are pre-configured phones that you can order directly from RingCentral. These plug & play phones are fully supported and designed to work with your RingCentral phone system out-of-the-box. 

The RingCentral VoIP Phones and Headsets page shows the list of phones that you can purchase from RingCentral at a discounted price. 
United States RingCentral VoIP Phones and Headsets page - United States 
Canada RingCentral VoIP Phones and Headsets page - Canada 
United Kingdom RingCentral VoIP Phones and Headsets page - United Kingdom 


2. Phones we do not sell, but will assist in provisioning

These could be your existing phone from your previous provider or phones that you have purchased from other vendors.

If you have an existing Polycom, Cisco, or Yealink phone, you can log into your account to access RingCentral's Assisted Device Provisioning tool. The Assisted Device Provisioning tool provides step-by-step instructions for adding your existing phone into your RingCentral phone system. You will be able to see the full list of devices supported by this tool under Table 1.
The RingCentral Assisted Device Provisioning tool will work if the following requirements are met: 
1. That your existing phone has been unlocked by your original provider.
2. That your existing phone has a valid, factory-installed device certificate.

You will find our Assisted Device Provisioning Guides under Table 2


3. Phones we do not sell, but will work with manual (self) provisioning

• Cisco, Polycom or Yealink SIP-enabled phone models that are not listed under Table 1
• Cisco, Polycom or Yealink phones that do not have a valid factory-installed device certificate even though listed under Table 1
• Other SIP-compliant phone brands such as Snom, Aastra, Grandstream, Panasonic, etc.

For these types of phones, please note that our support team will not be able to troubleshoot or configure IP phones purchased from another vendor. We recommend customers to take advantage of the simplicity of our preconfigured IP phones. For manual/self-provisioning instructions, click on the appropriate link below or refer to your phone's product documentation. 
Phone BrandLink
  Cisco  Manual Provisioning for Cisco Phones
  Cyberdata  Provisioning your Cyberdata V3 Paging Device
  Polycom  Manual Provisioning for Polycom phones

4. Phones that are proprietary and do not work with RingCentral

These devices are often manufactured, locked and programmed to work only with the proprietary system's standards. 
• 3Com phones
• Altigen phones
• Avaya phones
• Mitel phones
• NEC phones
• Nortel phones 
• Shoretel phones
• XBlue phones


5. Other phones that will not work with RingCentral

• Digital phones will not work on RingCentral. Phones must be SIP compliant to operate with RingCentral. 
• Cisco 79xx (7940 and 7960), Cisco 89xx and Cisco 99xx Series phones do not work with RingCentral
• Panasonic KX-DT phones
• Polycom Lync CX Series phones (CX100, CX300, CX500, CX600, CX3000, CX5100)
• Retired Polycom SoundPoint IP phones: IP300 / IP301 / IP320 / IP330 / IP430 / IP500 / IP501 / IP600 / IP601
• Retired Polycom SoundStation IP phones: IP4000 / SoundStation Premier 


6. Devices that are not recommended for configuration onto RingCentral

• Postage Machines
• Credit Card Machines
• Automatic Door Controllers


Table 1. List of phones that RingCentral will assist in Provisioning

Currently Offered/Sold by RingCentralNot Offered/Sold by RingCentral but will assist in provisioning
  Cisco 7841  Cisco 2102 ATA
  Cisco 8861  Cisco PAP2T ATA
  Cisco SPA 122 ATA  Cisco SPA 504G
  Cisco SPA 303  Cisco SPA 509G
  Cisco SPA 508G  Cisco SPA 525G2
  Cisco SPA 514G  Polycom SPIP 321
  Cisco SPA 525G2  Polycom SPIP 331
  Polycom IP 5000  Polycom SPIP 335
  Polycom IP 6000  Polycom SPIP 450
  Polycom Trio 8800  Polycom SPIP 550
  Polycom VVX-101  Polycom SPIP 560
  Polycom VVX-201  Polycom SPIP 650
  Polycom VVX-311  Polycom SPIP 670
  Polycom VVX-411  Polycom SSIP 7000
  Polycom VVX-501  Polycom VVX-300
  Polycom VVX-601  Polycom VVX-301
  Yealink T42S  Polycom VVX-310
  Yealink T46S  Polycom VVX-400
  Yealink W56P  Polycom VVX-410
   Polycom VVX-500
   Polycom VVX-600
   Yealink T21P
   Yealink W52P


Table 2. RingCentral Assisted Device Provisioning Guides

Phone BrandLink
  Cisco  Assisted Provisioning for Cisco/Linksys IP Phones
  Polycom  Assisted Provisioning for Polycom SIP Phones
  Yealink  Assisted Provisioning for Yealink Phones

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