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Number Porting - Transfer your Toll-Free Number to RingCentral

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SummaryNumber Porting or Number Transfer is a process that allows your number from your previous provider to be transferred to RingCentral. Submitting a Number Transfer Request for non-RingCentral phone numbers can be done through your online account. Follow the steps below to guide you in initiating the Number Transfer process for your Toll-Free Number. For other Number Transfer articles go to:

Number Porting - Transfer your Toll-Free Number to RingCentral


You will need to prepare these requirements before submitting Toll-Free numbers for number porting/transfer: 

Requirements for Number Porting

1. Go to Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity tab and click Transfer Numbers

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2. Click Toll-Free Number.

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3. • On the Pre-Check window, click Yes to confirm that you have the latest bill ready to be uploaded for the number you are transferring.
    • If you answer No, please prepare the latest bill first and then proceed to transfer number to RingCentral.
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4. Transfer My Existing Numbers: Enter Numbers

• Enter your Toll-Free Number and then click Next.

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5. Transfer my Existing Numbers: Mapping

• Click Select Temporary Number to match the number you are transferring with an existing number.  Once the Number is ported the temporary number will be replaced.
• If you want to add the transferred number as an additional number to your account, skip this and click Next.

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6. Transfer my Existing Number: Account Confirmation
• Enter all information exactly as your current phone company has it on file. It may require you to contact your current provider.

1.Type of Account - State if Business or Residential
2. Name on Account - Enter the name of the person authorized to make changes to the account.
3. Company Name - Only include if on the bill copy. Enter the company name exactly as it appears on your phone bill from the other provider.
4. Service Address - Provide the physical service address of the phone number. Do not enter billing addresses or P.O. boxes.
5. Your Contact Phone Number - Enter a number where we can call you if there is a problem with the port request.
6. Account Number - Enter the Account Number where the number you are transferring is associated with. Tick the box next to it if the number you are requesting to transfer is a mobile number. 
7. Account PIN or last 4 digits of Social Security Number - Account PIN if available can be obtained from your current provider. Some companies use the Social Security Number of the account holder as a PIN.

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7. The information entered should match the latest bill from the phone company from which you are transferring your number.

• Incorrect information will result in a drastic delay and/or rejection of your number port. 
• For corrections, click the Back button. Otherwise, click Next.

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8. • Enter your email address to receive all number porting notification emails, and then click Next
    • If this is left blank, all notification emails will be sent to the System Admin user.

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9. Click Download LOA to download the Letter of Authorization (LOA). Sign the LOA and use the upload mechanism provided on the next step.

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9. Upload signed LOA and a copy of the latest bill of the number being transferred.  Attach files then click Complete

• Click Browse to locate the file in your computer. (File must be .PDF)
• Click Attach to upload the file. 

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