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SummaryThis article discusses how to go to the Phones & Devices section of the RingCentral online account.

The Phones & Devices section provides you a view of all the Desk phones, RingCentral Phone, and other devices associated with your RingCentral account. It is where you can configure, add or delete phones on your account. 

NOTE: You need to be an Account administrator to be able to access this section on your account. 

To access Phones & Devices on the RingCentral Online account,  Log in to the RingCentral Online account as the Administrator > Admin Portal > Phone System > Phones & Devices. 

The Phones & Devices tabs will be displayed.

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Getting to know the tabs and options in Phones & Devices

The following Tabs and Options are available on the Phones & Devices section of your RingCentral account:

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Phones & Devices: Tabs

Phones & Devices: Options

1. User Phones
This tab shows all the Desk phones and RingCentral Phones assigned to Users in your RingCentral account. 
7. Status
This option allows you to filter what shows on the list based on the phone's Status. 
• All
• Offline
• Order in Progress
2. Common Area Phones
This tab shows the list of Common phones set up for the Hot Desking feature on your RingCentral account. A Common Phone is a shared phone in which Users can log-in with their credentials to start using it. 

To know more about Common phones and RingCentral's Hot Desking feature, go to Hot Desking Overview.
8. Devices
This option allows you to filter what shows on the list based on the phone's Model or Type.
3. Paging Devices
This tab shows the list of Paging devices on your RingCentral account. A Paging Device is a wall-mounted speaker or amplifier that enables overhead paging. 

For more information about RingCentral Paging, go to Paging Overview.
9. Sites
This option allows you to select all or select the site(s) with their corresponding list of phones per site.
4. Shared Lines
This tab shows the list of phones set up for RingCentral's Shared Lines feature. Shared Lines are group of phones or devices, as on a sales floor or in a warehouse, that share one or more lines, such that calls to the shared line can be answered at any of the devices; the in-use status of that line is displayed on all the devices.

For more information about the Shared Line feature, go to Shared Lines Overview
10. Add Device
Click this button to add another Desk phone or RingCentral Phone.
5. Unassigned
This tab shows the list of unused phones in your account. An Unassigned phone is an IP phone in your account that is not yet activated or assigned to a user.

To know more about Unassigned phones, go to Unassigned Phone Overview.
12. Replace Devices
This option allows you to Replace a Desk phone or RingCentral Phone for a User in your account. 
6. Search User Phones
This option allows you to filter and search for specific phones or Users.

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