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Play the extension's name when calls get forwarded to your phone

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SummaryThis article will show how to play the extension's name when a call gets forwarded to your phone
With the RingCentral user interface, you can identify if a call gets forwarded from an extension or a department. This option allows you to announce the extension or department name that is forwarding the call to your phone. This is helpful for identifying how you should answer the phone, especially if you use the phone for multiple businesses or multiple departments.

The non-RingCentral phones only option will play the announcement when forwarding a call to your home or mobile phone but not when forwarding to a RingCentral desk phone.  Follow the steps below to learn how to enable this feature.

Step 1:
Log on to your RingCentral account via http://service.ringcentral.com.

Step 2:
Click Settings.

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NOTE:  For Account Administrators, go to Settings > Phone System > Users > select the extension you want to make changes to.

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Step 3:
Click Call Handling & Forwarding.

Step 4:
Click Incoming Call Information.

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Step 5:
On the Play announcement before connecting section, put a tick on the Include mailbox name in announcement check box.

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Also, select whether this option is Always on, or just applicable for non-RingCentral phones only.

NOTE: If you select Never, even if the Include mailbox name in announcement option is checked, you will not hear the extension or department's name.

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Step 6:
You can also set it to require your password to answer the forwarded call to prevent other people from answering calls.

NOTE:  The password is the same account password you use to log in to your extension or department.

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Step 7:
Once done, click Save to retain changes.
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