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Presence Overview

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SummaryGetting to know the Presence feature

Presence enables RingCentral Office customers to detect the phones status of their colleagues and display on their desk phones.  Whether using their desk phone, smartphone app, or desktop app, RingCentral Office users can now share their presence status – available, busy or on hold – with their admins or colleagues.  Presence includes Busy Lamp Field (BLF) feature.
Typically a collection of lights or indicators on a phone that indicate who is talking on other phones connected to the same PBX or Key System.  It is used by a receptionist or secretary to aid in routing incoming calls.  This feature is available with RingCentral Office and RingCentral Office Unlimited plans.
Be anywhere, anytime
• Your presence status can be reflected on your colleagues’ or admins’ desk phones, regardless of device you are using – mobile, desktop app, desk phone
• No other cloud or hosted PBX system has this feature
Improved employee work productivity
• Saves time by eliminating need for having to call, walk or message colleagues
• Transfer directly to voicemail if colleague is busy or out
Convenience for executives
• Enables executives to have admins answer their calls, saving time and improving productivity
Better customer experience
• Enables quick routing to available department/employee reducing hold time and hang-ups
• Fewer customers are transferred to employees who can not take their call
Easy to configure and use
• With few easy clicks, enable presence status for admins/colleagues
• Use phone expansion modules/side cars to monitor presence for large number of colleagues
Compatible phones

Presence will work on the following compatible RingCentral IP phones:
• Polycom SPIP550
• Polycom IP650
• Polycom VVX310
• Polycom VVX400
• Polycom VVX410
• Polycom VVX411
• Polycom VVX500
• Polycom VVX501
• Polycom VVX600
• Polycom VVX601
• Cisco SPA525G
• Cisco SPA525G2
• Cisco SPA504G
• Cisco SPA508G
• Cisco SPA509G
• Cisco SPA514G

Presence Capable Phones

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