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RingCentral Business SMS / MMS Frequently Asked Questions

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SummaryFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for RingCentral Business SMS

1. What is RingCentral Business SMS / MMS?

RingCentral Business SMS / MMS enable you to send and receive text messages and multimedia files with your business number. There's no need to use multiple numbers as you have one number for mms, voice, fax and text messaging.

NOTE: MMS is currently not supported for Canada.

2. Is this free?

Yes, this is a free feature for RingCentral Office customers.

3. What devices can I use for sending and receiving SMS / MMS?

RingCentral Business SMS / MMS work on your smartphones and tablets.

4. Can I use my toll free number to send out SMS / MMS?

You can only use local numbers in your RingCentral account to send out SMS / MMS.

5. Can I send International SMS messages and MMS?

No. These features are not yet available.

6. How do I send SMS / MMS?

Users can send / receive SMS and MMS to / from non-RingCentral providers using the RingCentral Phone and RingCentral Phone for Mobile (Glip not required). See Sending messages on your RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

NOTE: Sending and receiving MMS to/from Canadian numbers is not available for the moment.

7. Can I send SMS / MMS to a Group?

Users can ONLY send a group text, SMS or MMS to multiple extensions within their account. If a text/SMS or MMS is sent to multiple recipients (Company and Personal contacts), the message will be sent individually to each non-RingCentral number listed in the text/SMS/MMS message's recipients list. For more information, go to RingCentral Phone for Mobile Group Messaging Overview.

8.  Is there a limit to the number of recipients I can send an SMS / MMS to?

You can send an unlimited number of SMS / MMS to anybody in United States.

9. Is there a limit to the number of SMS / MMS that I can send? 

You can send an SMS / MMS to up to a maximum of 50 recipients per SMS / MMS at once.

10. Is there a maximum number of characters that I can send per SMS?

Your SMS can have a maximum of 1,000-character characters per message.

11. What are the files supported for sending and receiving MMS?

The following file types are supported for sending and receiving MMS.

For RingCentral Phone for Mobile:

• RingCentral Phone for Mobile (iOS) works with iOS 9.0 or later
     (iOS 10.0 
• RingCentral Phone for Mobile (Android) is available for versions 4.4 or later 
(Android N supported)

• Images:
jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif/tiff, svg
• Videos: 3gp, mp4, mpeg, avi, wmv, mov, flv
• Audio: mp3
• Files: vcf/vcard, zip, rtf, gzip, html, txt

• Images:
jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif/tiff

For RingCentral Phone:

• Images:
 jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif/tiff, svg
• Videos: 3gp, mp4, mpeg, flv, wmv, mov, avi
• Audio: mp3
• Files: vcf/vcard, zip, rtf, html, txt

• Images:
 jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif/tiff, svg
• Videos: 3gp, mp4, mpeg
• Audio: mp3
• Files: vcf/vcard, zip, rtf

RingCentral cannot send and receive Short Code SMS. MMS can be seen in previews inline in message thread, view or play in-app or in third-party apps. However, Users cannot send a caption with the image as one message. 

12. Can I view SMS / MMS on my Apple Watch?

Users can receive New message notification when SMS or MMS is received. Quick reply with SMS is possible, however, no outbound MMS from Apple Watch.

13. Can I block numbers from sending me an SMS / MMS? 

The option to block SMS or MMS ONLY is currently NOT available. To request for this feature to become available in the future, you can Submit a request for a new Idea or Feature via the RingCentral Community

14. Can I disable the SMS or MMS feature? 

Yes. To disable the SMS or MMS feature on one or multiple RingCentral local numbers on your account, please contact RingCentral Customer Support by clicking on the links below.

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