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RingCentral Contact Center: Global Prefix Routing

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SummaryGlobal Prefix Routing is a regionalized contact center routing for customers who have Global Operations. It utilizes inContact's regionalized latency reduction service (RLR), ideal for customer with a single Business Unit (BU) and multi-national call centers. This service analyzes the call path and identifies if there is a "shorter" route. So, if the call originates and terminates in the same regions and the BU is homed in a different region, the RLR server will identify that a shorter call path is available and moves the call to the new path.

RingCentral Contact Center: Global Prefix Routing

Global Prefix Ranges

TAS Bypass
TAS Engage

Global Prefix Pattern: GlobalPrefixRangeCountryCodeMainNumber*EXT


Global Prefix Routing Use Cases

1. Contact Center Agent Leg of the Call - Agent logs in on Max (Agent Leg) to be able to answer calls and Supervisor logs in on Supervisor Console to be able to monitor, coach, barge and take over the call.  Agents and Supervisors can log-in with the Global Prefix Routing Numbers as Phone Number or they can log-in with a Station configured with the Global Prefix Routing Number to shorten the digits that they need to memorize or use.
Contact Center Agent Region
Example Contact Center Agent Login

2. Contact Center Agent outbound call to or transfer to RingCentral Extensions - Agents can transfer a call to a RingCentral Extension using the SIP connection.  
Outbound Call to RingCentral User/Ext
Example Contact Center Agent Outbound Dial

3. ACD/IVR Script transfer to RingCentral Extension - Can be used as a destination number on BlindTransfer and Transfer action in Studio.  


Global Prefix Routing as a Contact Center Agent Leg of the Call

1. Phone Number - There are two options:
• Agent/Supervisor types in the entire Global Prefix Routing Pattern: GlobalPrefixRangeCountryCodeMainNumber*EXT.
Agent Console
Supervisor Console
User-added image
User-added image

• Agent/Supervisor types in the Dialing Pattern set-up on the Business Unit (BU). Dialing Pattern is set-up during implementations. This may not work for some accounts as extensions that agents use should be unique to the cluster. If, an agent logs in with the same extension as of another BU that’s already logged in, the agent would get a message to login with the entire Phone Number. We’ve asked implementations to use Station ID as an agent login on the Global Prefix Routing.

2. Station ID -  A station is a physical location or phone where an agent will work and communicate with contacts, whether it's a home office, contact center workstation, etc. When the Station is created, the system auto-generates a unique Station ID which the agent or supervisor uses to login on MAX or the Supervisor Console.  Each station ID is configured with the Global Prefix Phone Number.  
Agent Console
Supervisor Console
User-added image
User-added image

Global Prefix Routing on an Outbound/Transferred Call to RingCentral Office Extension

RingCentral offers unique connectivity that allows Contact Center agents to transfer to a RingCentral User/Extension via SIP Connection.

1. CC Agent can dial out using the Global Prefix Pattern: GlobalPrefixRangeCountryCodeMainNumber*EXT  

2. CC Agents can dial out using the Address Book.  Address books needs to be set-up during implementations and be issued reference guide on how to update the address book based on the set-up.  There are 2 ways to set-up:
a. Regular Address Book
i. Blank Address Book
ii. Import by File Upload
b. Dynamic Address Book

3. CC Agents can dial out using the Agent Pattern set-up on the BU.


Global Prefix Routing on Studio Script

• Common case is a hunt group on the RC sideThe call is coming to contact center and option 3 directs to hunt group.  The call is redirected to RC using TAS Engage pseudonumber

User-added image

• Another example in this script, BEGIN triggers the HOURS action. If the Hours of Operation profile settings show the contact center to be open, the call will be delivered to an agent. If the contact center is closed or on holiday, BLINDXFER will route the call to 999701441970629143*8030 (set in the BLINDXFER properties) to be transferred to a RingCentral Extension.

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