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RingCentral Developers - Release Notes | Spring 2019

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The RingCentral Developer Program Spring 2019 Release (aka Release 19.2, API version 1.0.39) includes many updates including announcements, new APIs including toll-free SMS and, SDK improvements, developer experience enhancements and RingCentral Labs app launches.

 Important AnnouncementsE911 Upcoming Changes; AT&T Upcoming Changes; Beta APIs to Try Out
 New and Enhanced APIsToll-Free SMS Beta; Active Call Control Beta; Supervision API Beta; Custom Answering Rules API Enhancement
 SDKsRingCentral.Net C# SDK; Embeddable Firefox Extension Support; Embeddable Meetings Support; Embeddable Floating Badge; CTI Extension Factory; JS Bot Framework
 Developer ExperienceNew Community Beta; New Developer Guide; Newsletter
 RingCentral LabsPracticeSuite CRM; Cron Bot; AtAll Bot; Aha Bot

Important Announcements

 E911 Upcoming Changes — We will be providing an integrated 911 dialing experience for our WebRTC apps soon. Developers won’t have to do anything as users logging into a WebRTC app using our OAuth flow will now be asked to confirm the E911 address after authorizing the app. We will be sending out announcements to our WebRTC developers.

 AT&T Upcoming Changes — RingCentral provides API services for customers for our direct services along with our carrier partners, including AT&T, BT, and TELUS.

 Beta APIs — Please enroll in our active beta programs for Toll-Free SMS, Active Call Control and Supervision APIs listed below.

New and Enhanced APIs

 Toll-Free SMS Beta — In the United States and in Canada, regular SMS numbers are usually blocked by carriers if they are used for a marketing blast or other high volume usage. With the introduction of Toll-Free SMS, you can use Toll-Free SMS numbers to send and receive massive amount of SMS legitimately without being blocked by mobile network carriers. Learn more about Toll-Free SMS from here.

 Active Call Control API Beta — A set of APIs which allow you to control all aspects of an active call such as putting a call on hold or unhold it, mute or unmute the microphone, start or stop a call recording, etc. With these new features, now you can build applications to remotely manage and control an active call regardless of the device from which the call was initiated, be it on a desk phone or on a softphone. As an example, the RingCentral Salesforce 6.0 Integration uses Active Call Control APIs to enable a sales agent to control an active call right within Salesforce dashboard without the agent reaching out for his device to terminate the call. Learn more about the Active Call Control API here.

 Supervision API Beta—Allows you to connect to an active phone call and subscribe to the audio stream programmatically. With this capability, you can implement an application for a supervisor to listen in on a call or to provide a real-time transcription of the conversation and apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the conversation for assisting and providing better customer experiences. Learn details about the Supervision API here.

 Custom Answering Rules API Enhancement — Allows RingCentral users to customize answering rules based on the holiday schedule and working hours for extensions including the type “Site”. The custom answering rules API details can be found here: RingCentral — Custom Answering Rules

 Batch API JSON Response — Supports JSON batch response in message-store API. This API helps you easily parse data for batch request-response scenario. Details can be found on our developer guide here: Batch Request and Response.

See all our in our Changelog.


 RingCentral.Net C# SDK —Major upgrade with 16 enhancements including .Net Standard support for multi-platform, fewer dependencies, and better error handling for debugging. See more in our RingCentral.Net SDK Announcement.

 Embeddable Web Widget Enhancements — Support for RingCentral Meetings and floating badge browser implementations

 Embeddable Firefox Extension Support—The RingCentral Embeddable Widget can now be deployed as a Firefox Add-on extension in addition to as a Chrome Extension and as an embedded JavaScript file. Read more in our RingCentral Embeddable Web Widget repo.

 CTI Extension Factory —This tool makes it easy to create browser extension-based add-ons using RingCentral Embeddable. Our own team created this to bootstrap building multiple CRM integrations. Read more in our RingCentral CTI Extension Factory repo.

 JS Bot Framework—Glip bots are even easier to develop using our new JavaScript bot framework. Built-in features include authentication for bots and individual user to access their accounts as well as webhooks. This allows you to focus on your bot’s functionality rather than connecting services to RingCentral. Read more in the RingCentral JS Chatbot repo.

Developer Experience

 New Community Beta —We have launched a new developer community site. This is much more modern and developer friendly than our current system. We encourage you to try out the system and provide feedback here: https://forums.developers.ringcentral.com/

 New Developer Guide —We’ve dramatically improved our Developer Guide by adding a lot of new content, quick starts in multiple languages, and a new, easier to use layout. Check it out here: https://developers.ringcentral.com/guide

 Newsletter —RingCentral launched a quarterly email newsletter earlier this year covering our 2018 Developer Program Retrospective. For each quarter going forward, RingCentral will continue to issue such email newsletters. 

RingCentral Labs

 PracticeSuite CRM—A RingCentral integration that supports click-to-dial, inbound screen pop, search CRM contacts, link CRM contacts to the incoming call screen. Read about and install the PracticeSuite CRM integration here.

 Cron Bot —A Glip chatbot that allows you to set Glip notification reminder messages using Linux/UNIX cron syntax. Read about and install the Glip Cron bot here.

 At All bot —A Glip chatbot that allows you to at everyone in a group or team. Read about and install the @all bot here.

 Aha! Bot Link Aha! to RingCentral Glip with team notifications. Information on this bot is available here.

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