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RingCentral InContact Interconnect License

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SummaryRingCentral offers an option for RingCentral Office customers with an InContact account to enable the Call Center SIP Interconnect tab by contacting RingCentral support. Interconnect allows RingCentral customers to integrate their InContact agents with their RingCentral account.

RingCentral InContact Interconnect License


Key Features

• Allows Regionalized agent leg routing.
• Provides High Quality, on-net agent leg calls.
• Enables safe transfers to RingCentral Office Extensions.


• RingCentral Office account with Admin credentials.
Contact RingCentral support to enable the Admin Interface for adding InContact Interconnect Licenses.
• Purchase InContact Interconnect License.

Purchase Interconnect License

1. Contact RingCentral support to enable adding InContact Interconnect license.

2. Go to Billing > Call Center SIP Interconnect.

Call Center SIP Tab

3. Click Add licenses.

add interconnect license

4. Follow the steps on the Add License window.

interconnect license purchase window

NOTE: To remove InContact Interconnect licenses, contact RingCentral support.
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