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RingCentral Integrations - Release Notes | Spring 2019

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This page shows the Spring 2019 Release Notes for RingCentral Integrations:

RingCentral for Salesforce
RingCentral for MS Outlook
RingCentral for MS Teams
RingCentral for MS O365
RingCentral for Skype for Business
RingCentral for Google
RingCentral for Google Calendar
RingCentral for Firefox Plugin

RingCentral for Salesforce
Current Version: Version 6.3.0
Type: RingCentral Salesforce Plugin

New Features

• Salesforce Reporting (Beta) -  reporting capabilities allows tracking a user's or teams' data:

• Summary of total calls
• Average duration per call
• Average calls per day
• Call disposition
• Call direction

• Auto-select 'Name' and 'Related To' when there is only one contact match
• Update domain name configuration for AT&T domain restriction


• Allow user to type and search their Direct Line number(DL) in Salesforce app’s Setting/Calling/My Location
• Add logout check mechanism of Auth-Token under multiple-tabs scenarios to avoid inconsistent data storage sync

Bug Fixes

• Add caching mechanism for presence to avoid backend performance impact
• Fix the duplicate records showed by contact match while doing call logging
• Ignore delimiter and extension number in Call to dial function


RingCentral for MS Outlook
Current Version: 2.0
Type: RingCentral Custom Outlook Plugin

New Features

• Click to Dial and Click to SMS a phone number within contact cards
• New call controls including call transfer & call flip
• Call status bar shows call duration.
• Select & right click to call or SMS a contact/phone number from your email message. It auto-populates the name and suggests the matching name and phone numbers from directory.
• Play voicemail messages inside the app.
• Download fax messages.
• Filter directory contacts
• Adds contact cards inside text message log
• Sends desktop notifications for incoming calls
• Multi-way calling for up to 10 participants


• Create and invite contacts to join conference calls from inside the app
• Create and invite contacts to join video meetings from inside the app
• New, improved and intuitive user interface
• Supports 32/64 bit Windows/Outlook in one installation package

Bug Fixes

• The RingCentral icon would replace the Microsoft Outlook Icon in the Windows App Dock

RingCentral for MS Teams

Current Version: 1.0
Type: MS Teams Bot

New Features

• “help” command shows all available commands.
• “call” command posts conference call information. This allows Microsoft Teams users to dial-in to a RingCentral conference call
• “meet” command posts meeting information. This allows Microsoft Teams users to meet over a RingCentral video meeting
• Initiate a voice or video call with a single click from within Microsoft Teams contact cards
• Support for all commands in the direct messaging window as well as team messaging window

RingCentral for MS O365
Current Version: 3.1.1
Type: Google Chrome Extension

New Features

• Allows manual setting of the Presence feature 
• Schedule video meetings and conference calls from Office 365 calendar natively
• Allows multi-party or group calling 
• Quick call/SMS from O365 Contact Cards 


• New, improved and intuitive User Interface
• Click to SMS - Click a phone number from your mail message/conversation thread to text 
• Support for Microsoft's New Outlook for the Web product 
• Better messages to the user when an error is encountered
• Presence dropdown is merged with Microsoft Office 365 presence

Bug Fixes

• Fixed misspelled label in conference calling window
• Fixed text alignment issues in the Messages tab

RingCentral for Skype for Business
Current Version: 2.1.70
Type: RingCentral Skype Plugin


• Improvement to Multi-party calling  - the callee is able to add a person to the current call
• The caller is able to select a specific  contact if there are multiple matched contacts
• The Feedback form can now be accessed by a user without having to sign in


RingCentral for Google
Current Version: 4.1
Type: Google Chrome Extension

New Features 

Basic Click-to-dial & SMS on any Web page
All call controls (except call merge and call park)
New persistent RingCentral tab on any Web page
New UI that’s similar to RingCentral Phone app
Business SMS and internal text messages
Google and RingCentral directory
Directory access from SMS
Directory access from Dialing
Detailed contact card
Google Calendar integration
Blacklist/Whitelist working prototype (to prevent certain Web sites from displaying RingCentral UI and C2D)
Send incoming call to voicemail
Forward incoming call
Reply to an incoming call with a text message
Change presence status
RingCentral Meetings plus Collaboration Support
Feedback Form
What’s New tutorial
Support for RingCentral AU
Google HO with RingCentral conferencing
WebRTC error badge (displays error notification to the user if there is an issue with WebRTC call)
Inbound call notification on RingCentral badge when the app is minimized (in addition to browser notification)

RingCentral for Google Calendar
Current Version: 
Type: Google GSuite Addon
Release Notes: To be added

RingCentral Firefox Plugin
Current Version: 1.0 Beta
Type: Mozilla Firefox Add-on

New Features

• Full call control: Mute, Dial pad, Hold, Multi-way calling, Record, Flip, Transfer, Multi active calls control
• Call history with quick contact entry
• Voice message history and play within App
• Fax message history and view
• SMS history and send
• RingCentral and Google contact list and filter
• Recent activities including Calls, SMS, and Gmails to a contact
• RingCentral conference and RingCentral meeting in App 
• RingCentral meeting scheduler in Google Calendar new event page
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